What is the difference between grain-finished and grass-finished?

Grain-finished cattle spend most of their lives grazing on pasture, then spend 4-6 months in a feedlot. They are fed a scientifically and healthy balanced diet of grains, such as corn, wheat, or soybeans and they have continuous access to clean water and room to grow and roam. Grass-finished cattle spend their entire lives grazing […]

Is your beef natural?

Our beef is natural however it is not certified through the USDA yet. Naturally raised cattle can be grain-finished or grass-finished, have never received antibiotics or growth promoting hormones, and have no preservatives.

How do I pay?

We accept checks, cash, debit cards and all major credit cards. On our website you can pay through our credit card portal otherwise you can pay with any form of payment in person. Please note all returned checks are charged a $30 NSF fee.  If you will not be present when the delivery is made please […]